The Fitter's Yard is a repair yard based at Tidmouth Sheds, which handles any repairs or overhauls for the North Western Railway engines and the other engines on Sodor. The workshop is located just beside the North Western Railway's roundhouse at Tidmouth.


The Fitter's Yard first appeared back in the first season, but was used as a goods shed to house rolling stock. When it appeared in the eighth season, it became the main engineering facility on the North Western Railway, and was used as the main workshop between the eighth and twelfth seasons.

However, with the recent addition of the Sodor Steamworks in Hero of the Rails, the Fitter's Yard is no longer used for repairing the engines, and has become a goods shed for rolling stock again.


  • Although the Fitter's Yard has been used for carrying out overhauls for engines before, the shed is much too small for any overhauls to actually happen.