S.C. Ruffey, also known as Scruffey, is a privately-owned ballast wagon, and was the ringleader of the Troublesome Trucks until he was ripped apart.


The Railway Series

When Oliver returned from the Works after falling into the turntable well at Arlesburgh, S.C. Ruffey and the other trucks made fun of him, singing rude songs and insulting him upon his return. Although the engines tried their hardest to shut the trucks up, they continued to tease Oliver. Toad, worried about the lack of respect for the engines, consulted Oliver and Duck, and together they made a plan.

Oliver arranged and the trucks until he had a train, then attempted to move them out of the yard, with S.C. Ruffey being the first truck on the train. S.C. Ruffey ordered the trucks to pull back, but this caused him to be stretched between Oliver and the heavy trucks, and he ended up falling apart. The Fat Controller attributed the accident to S.C. Ruffey's poor condition, but told Oliver not to tell the trucks this, saying it was "bad for discipline". After receiving his comeuppance, S.C. Ruffey was presumably scrapped. (RWS; Oliver the Western Engine)

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Personality and Traits

Technical Details


S.C. Ruffey is based on a 7-plank open wagon.


In the Railway Series, S.C. Ruffey was painted black with rusted frames, and the name of his company was written on his sides in white writing. His face was black, blending in with his livery.

In the television series, S.C. Ruffey is painted dark grey with rusted orange frames, and the name of his company company is written on his sides in white writing. After he was rebuilt, S.C. Ruffey's livery became a lot cleaner, and his frames and wheels became black. His face is also grey, most likely to match the other trucks.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends